Racial Tension in Trump’s America. What Are You Going To Do About It?


In a previous blog, I made reference to America’s golden shores as being the landing place of our forefathers, using a description I have heard repeated many times throughout my 65 years, not giving the phrase a second thought. However. America’s forefathers were not the focus of the blog, and it had not a thing to do with our shoreline. It was about the media. Who to believe. Who not to believe. It’s a question on all of our minds.

As has become increasingly the norm in this year of your higher power 2017, one reader chose to hang on the words “golden shores”, using this strictly literary phrase as ammunition for twisting the media related blog into a racial onslaught. Needless to say, I was caught way off guard.

This person stated how the golden shores were not so golden for slaves who arrived chained and shackled in the hulls of huge sailing vessels. How can anyone with half a heart disagree? I certainly can’t. Maybe Ben Carson can since he believes these “immigrant” slaves were so full of hopes and dreams they were about to burst. The person’s response did not stop there, as you will read in a direct quote below. All this being said, I can in no way assume responsibility for the sins of anyone’s past. I don’t care who they were. It doesn’t take a history major to understand the future didn’t even hold a candle glows flicker for these people being held against their collective wills. I hold no animosity for this reader’s obvious improper interpretation. Or more so, for creating something which was never there. It happens all the time. The only way this nation will ever truly overcome the racial divides great men like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. fought against is by realizing we are all the same, regardless of what your Great-Great-Grandparents may have thought, or in too many cases, were subjected to.

But I do have to wonder. Was it a misinterpretation, or is this person so racially tainted they make no attempt to see beyond their own bigotry, preferring instead to point their finger at others as being the root of the problem, and waiting for any chance to express their prejudice view? Typically, the one pointing the finger is the one who needs to re-examine their heart. I understand my words may appear harsh, but I back them up with the following statement (quote). As a reminder, the blog was about the media. As a second reminder, I am not a fan of our President.

“I have never seen so many ‘white’ people up in arms over what epitomizes them in all my days. Trump is every single last one of you if you were to be honest. Look in the mirror, Trump is staring right back at you! And this is why when you look at pictures of the protests, hardly any ‘Black’ faces are in the crowds. We deal with all of you ‘Trumps’ on a daily basis and see no need to protest Trump. What would be the point? He is everywhere we turn and not just in the Oval Office.”

I pointed out to the reader that I am a 14-year military veteran though I was certain they didn’t serve. How did I know? When your brothers and sisters in arms have your back for 14 years, skin color disappears. Color blindness sets in and it stays with you. Ask any veteran. They’ll agree. The military breaks you down then builds you back up as an equal. That’s how I knew.

The reader did the same thing lots of people do. They categorized. All white people. All black people. All Asians. All Muslims. All Mexicans. All immigrants. All… All… All…  The world will never be a better place until all of us, and I do mean all of us, drop our unfounded prejudices. For lack of a more meaningful word, they are stupid. They serve no purpose.

Get to know someone one on one before you judge them based on their skin color, race, nationality, religion, or any of the many other reasons why we hate people we shouldn’t. If you get a sour taste in your mouth after meeting them, well…, they may actually be the asshole you thought they were. At least find out first.

So. There you have it, from the outside looking in.

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2 thoughts on “Racial Tension in Trump’s America. What Are You Going To Do About It?

  1. Well, I guess I should thank you for the honorary mention but there has been racial tension in America long before Trump stepped foot inside the Oval Office and if anyone is not aware of this, then all they need do is to unbury their head from in the sand. Racist drug policies are responsible for why 2.3 million mostly Black men and women are cooling their heels in ‘for profit’ prisons.

    When crack was first introduced into ‘Black communities’ decades ago, there was no hue and cry over this. It was decided that a ‘War on Drugs’ would be declared and those who were addicted would be locked up along with those who sold the drugs. Now, along comes heroin in rural ‘white’ America, and now, the addiction of white folks is a most horrible ‘medical’ epidemic. It is now time for the CDC to investigate and report its findings on what is killing ‘white’ folks all across America; especially in areas that normally are not perceived as problematic, unlike the inner cities. Heroin has been problematic for the city of Baltimore for decades and no hue and cry was raised over this because of who resides in Baltimore; namely Black people. But everyone gets their panties in a bunch when drugs start killing ‘whites’ and don’t lock them up, get them some help.

    Everything in America IS about race and there is no escaping that fact, if your head’s not buried in the sand, that is. You cannot escape this. And I also noticed how you go on and on about your military service. I would never, ever thank anyone of any skin tone for their so-called ‘service to this country’ because what service would that be? Heading over to foreign lands to kill people who have personally done you no harm? Operating a drone from thousands of miles away from a target that’s been declared, a ‘bug’ and watching a ‘bug splat’ once that drone has struck its target and those surrounding it which has also included innocent women and children attending wedding parties in Yemen and Afghanistan?

    And if anyone is unsure as to why America’s military is still in Afghanistan, then, please feel free to read any one of my many posts about the fact that poppy production has skyrocketed in Afghanistan since U.S. and NATO forces arrived and took over. Please feel free to read my post, “The War In Afghanistan Is Not Over!” and please, don’t stop there.

    I suppose you have never heard the word ‘gentrification’ and so you don’t know what that means. Gentrification is when rich ‘white’ folks declare an inner city, that once housed mostly Black folks, to be the new ‘promised land’ for them and so they promptly increase rents by building high-end condos, thus making it impossible for those who used to reside there to continue. Washington, D.C. is no longer known as ‘Chocolate City’ for this very reason. The Black people who used to live in D.C. have had to either become homeless or flee to southern states and I do know that many of them did head south and right into even more deep-seated racism because I am from the south and so I know about this, first hand. The Black people who remain in D.C. are in homeless shelters because D.C. has always been their home and they cannot think of going anywhere else. Besides, what would be the point when gentrification is rearing its ugly head everywhere?

    The Ku Klux Klan, the Aryan Brotherhood and other skinhead groups did not just start up when Trump was elected. And who instigated the racial tensions that result from Klan marches through main streets in cities in America? If slavery and all it entailed is over and done with, then why was there a need for a Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and his non-violence stance of marching to gain Civil Rights for Black people? And who shot him? If whites were not so racist and racism was actually annihilated with the so-called ending of slavery, then there would have been no Jim Crow laws on the books. There would have been no ‘colored only’ signs and Selma-to-Montgomery marching, Black church bombings and I suppose Dylann Roof is just a figment of my imagination, but isn’t he the one who went inside a church and shot it up and killed nine Black churchgoers? I do believe this happened long before Donald Trump was residing in the White House. And Tamir Rice was gunned down two seconds after ‘white’ cops showed up as he was playing with a toy gun in a park and yet whites take their children to gun ranges and it has been reported that a white child shot the gun range instructor, but no one shot a white child holding a gun, did they? But I suppose you think that Tamir Rice would have been just fine if he had taken his toy pistol to a gun range. Yeah, I’d buy that.

    So no, I’m not the one who is perpetuating racism, bigotry and prejudice. We all know who is but you don’t like what you see when you look in the mirror and that is not on me. You own this and you know it. I cannot deny you a loan because I don’t own a bank. I cannot deny you housing because I don’t own an apartment building. I cannot experiment on you because I am not a doctor. But all of these things happen to us because we, ourselves were owned and as we all know, the slaves were kept dumb on purpose and what has changed because even you must have heard of the school-to-prison pipeline whereas inner city children are being sent straight from the classroom to a jail cell because education in inner cities is sadly lacking and that is why private schools are all the rage among whites who can afford to send their children to those schools, Black people cannot because we are busily fighting against discrimination in the form of loans at banks called ‘predatory lending’ whereas Wells Fargo deliberated steered prime mortgage loan borrowers who were Black to subprime mortgage loans even though they qualified for prime mortgage loans and those who worked for Wells Fargo called the Black customers, ‘Mud people’ and called the bad loans they gave them, “Ghetto Loans.” Now, how is that on us? I could go on and on, but some people, like you, refuse to see what is right in front of you because when you do, you must then acknowledge your role in all of this because believe me, those who enslaved my ancestors, their progeny still have that same mindset today. You are one and the same. And I stand by that statement.

    You titled this post, “Racial Tension in Trump’s America. What Are You Going To Do About It?” and so am I to believe that my comment on one of your previous posts is the reason for this? I am not that naïve.


    • Yes, you are correct. Your racial response to my non-racial blog is exactly what prompted me to write what I did. I never indicated racial tension has only started as the result of Trump. Of course, it’s always been around. Oddly enough, I agree with many of your points. I realize that blacks in America have always had a struggle, but no, I don’t have my head in the sand concerning this. I have eyes the same as you and whether you choose to believe this “white” guy or not, not all people, including blacks and whites, hate entire races of people because of the “bad” ones. And you and I both know, there are plenty of bad ones out there. Personally, I view everyone as equal despite there being those who do not. I can’t help the sins of other people and neither can you but I refuse to be lumped in with those who practice bigotry, just as I am sure you don’t wish to be labeled either. We are all our own person and I choose what MLK said about judging someone by the character of their heart. He was a wise man, and like you, I wish there had never been any reason to march, just like I believe the KKK should all be given cement shoes and tossed in the ocean. But these things did happen, and they do exist. It isn’t my fault and it isn’t yours. Can we do anything about it? It may seem too simple for someone like you, but we can start by not hating someone because of the color of our skin. There are more of us out here willing to that then what you thing. Do I know prejudiced white people? Sure I do. I avoid them. Do I know prejudiced black people? Of course. I avoid them also. Until we can learn to know people for who they truly are instead of who we so foolishly assume them to be, nothing will ever change. In spite of everything else, we have one thing in common. We both hate the unfairness and evilness of prejudice. There is no place in this world for it.

      As far as my military service that you hold in contempt, I will say this. My son gave his life for this country so please do not even try to go there. I’ll drop the subject. You should too. Enough said.If you’ve ever lost a child you’ll understand.


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