This Land Was Made For You & Me. Wasn’t It???

muslim mexican

I recently visited what would be considered by society as a right-wing Facebook page. Please understand, the entire right/left conservative/liberal thing is overrated and hypocritical. We believe what we believe and we’re sometimes known to lean either direction depending on the particular issue. Granted, this happens much less than it used to now that Trump is in office, but it still happens. Be that as it may, and in the spirit of open-mindedness, it’s only fair to wander the encampment of opposing beliefs on occasion, and since not even the POTUS can authorize a wiretap,  and my attempts at hacking microwaves have proven unsuccessful, I went old school and surfed to this particular page.

I immediately knew I had steered into the right hangar when the first article on the page had an anti-Muslim title. The article made no distinction between the types of Muslims. American born, naturalized citizen, documented immigrant, Doctor, Engineer, Cop, Soldier, Firefighter, or any other productive member of our society, mattered not. They all had to go. America first! Excuse me, but it’s their America too. This land was made for you and me.

I’m astute enough to realize FB means dollars for certain pages, so the more the writers on these particular sites can get their readers fired up, the more the cash register rings. Click their article on FB, it takes you to their website, yada, yada, yada. It works. My site is not monetized, but I understand their motives. Though the article sent chills of utter despair up my spine, the comments following the article, by multitudes of people, tumbled me into the dark abyss of xenophobia, alive, and apparently thriving.

“Screw ragheads”. “Fuck those sand n******”. “Kick them all out”. These are only a few of the comments, but they sum up the rest. Not one reader left an opposing viewpoint, and I dare not even repeat what some of them said.

Yesterday, I read about some college students who took a cruise to Cancun for spring break. While in Mexico, and in the presence of many Mexican nationals, they started chanting “build that wall,” becoming louder as more of them chimed in. Perhaps it was the beer speaking, but should that matter? We have more than enough prejudice right here in America without spreading our hatred and arrogance across borders. As an American citizen, I’m embarrassed. You should be too.

The evil of xenophobia has raised its ugly head over the past year. It would be foolish of me to think it didn’t exist prior to the election cycle, but it has now been brought out into the open by giving haters a soapbox on which to preach their vile distaste of anyone not meeting their inhumane standards for residing in the land of the free. The veil has been lifted so the need for hiding in the shadows is no longer relevant.

Who do these people have to thank for releasing them from their bonds of silence? His name is Donald J. Trump. An inexperienced conspiracy theorist who now holds the distinct title of President of the United States. Nobody in their right frame of mind can deny how he stirred the cauldron of hatred, especially towards Muslims and Mexicans, during his brutal campaign speeches. Fear was his weapon, which only serves to prove that sensationalism sways more people than some boring politician who actually knows what they are talking about. Trump’s approval rating has slipped to a historical low of 37%, but his minority of supporters are still very vocal, and very loud, even as his credibility continues to plummet.

It’s somewhat of a comfort to know there are more American citizens who do not support Trumps presidency than those who do, meaning the majority of us still agree with the ideology of the fair and equal treatment of others regardless their religion, race, or point of origin. It is not a comfort to know that the rest of the world is incorrectly judging us by what they see and hear, but who can blame? They are only hearing the news from the top, and that top does not represent what is truly in the hearts of the greatest number of us.


Comments? I would love to hear them.

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