Bribery or Extortion? The Fate of America’s Health Care.


On one hand, President Trump and Paul Ryan are twisting arms in search of yes votes for their proposed health care plan, warning their fellow GOP constituents that 2018 is just around the corner and a negative vote could cost them their seat. On the other hand, the Koch brothers are promising to toss money at these same politician’s campaigns if they’ll buck the system by voting no. Sort of a ‘pay for play’ scenario, don’t you think?

Though the very thought of threats and bribes is disturbing enough, think beyond that. In every news story I have read on this incredulous situation, from many various sources, nowhere was there any mention made of what might be best for America’s citizens, the ones who will ultimately be affected by their decisions. Nowhere. What I always thought, was suddenly confirmed. It isn’t about us. It never has been. Remember, if Trump’s proposed plan meets approval, millions of Americans will suddenly be left without healthcare. Older folks will get hit the hardest. Tax credits? Health savings plans? Those are great if someone has enough money to spend up front, which most of us ‘common folk’ do not, and that entire savings account could easily be wiped out by one major illness. Then what? So, I ask. How can any of this be about us?

I understand the desire of anyone to hold on to their job, but not at the expense of forsaking what they know is best for the public they were elected to serve. That’s treasonous. So now, between the president threatening their future as a Republican, and the Koch brothers offering a reward to vote against their own party, the entire future of our healthcare systems depends on how many of them will accept a bribe, versus how many will give in to extortion. The public be damned.

Perhaps I am naïve, but since when is it appropriate procedure to cancel a voting session just because you know you are going to lose? That’s like canceling an NFL game between the Patriots and the Redskins because you already know what the outcome will be. The game gets played anyway and it goes on record as a Redskin loss. The healthcare bill should have gone to a vote anyway, and the veto, appropriately recorded as a failed attempt. But Trump will not tolerate anything short of a win, and with such an important issue being brought to a vote he cannot get away with his usual manipulation of numbers, convincing his endearing fan club he won something he actually lost. This time it’s black and white. He can theorize all day long in his best conspiracy fashion about the popular vote he swears he won but now is when the rubber meets the road. It’s time to put up or shut up. If he can’t provide healthcare for every single American as he promised to do on the campaign trail, perhaps it’s time he admits he can’t keep his promise.

One final note. Every American having medical coverage is not the same thing as it being available to every American. After all, everything is available for a price. It must be AFFORDABLE and it must be comprehensive in its coverage.


Comments? I would love to hear them.

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