The World We Know. How Different Are We?

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Life. The four letter word responsible for every other four letter word to follow. It is what it is. The overwhelming majority of myopically focused run-of-the-mill commoners accept the idea of their DNA prematurely barreling its way down a humping human launch module without their knowledge or consent, only to further complicate matters by touching down in the murky contaminated gene pool of their predestined fate. Whether their lives were procreated in the back seat of a Buick in the parking lot of the “Y’all Come Back Saloon,” or their birth was the result of a carefully calculated plan, matters not. They got what they got. Life ain’t fair. It’s science. It is not within their power to change the things they do or the way they feel about things in general.

There are many worlds on the topside of the planet we call earth. There is the one each of us is individually accustomed to by way of our birthright/wrong, and then there are the vast amount of others we don’t understand, or even care to. Had a person’s number been called, causing their brief moment of conception to occur in Bombay rather than the south-side of Chicago, they may have made their grand entrance via a river-birth in the darkness of the Congo instead of now serving life behind bars for the murder of a rival street gang member. And they would have been none the wiser. They got what they got.

When these sub-worlds are so far removed from the confines of our own personal existence, we don’t for a moment attempt understanding, either from a general lack of caring, or an overwhelming sense of complacency within the boundaries we have drawn for ourselves, to journey beyond that which we have accepted as our lot in life. Because of this, we develop unfounded prejudice. We become the product of what have determined our limits to be.

If a person was born into the opulence of wealth, there is zero probability they will ever truly understand the plight of the needy. They may donate their cash here and there for the sake of a needed tax write-off, but they cannot possibly comprehend what life is like on the other side, and furthermore, they may not even care.

If a person was born in war-torn Syria, it is their world. They are Muslim. Muslims are bad. There is no distinction between them. Look what those rag headed Camel jockeys have done to America. The World Trade Center. There were thousands of Muslims dancing for joy in the street. That’s what I have been told though there isn’t any evidence. Then there was San Bernardino, the nightclub in Orlando, the military recruiting center in Chattanooga, and the Boston Marathon. Oh yeah. How about that crap in Bowling Green? The point is.  Don’t trust any of them.

If a person is born in America, it is their world. They are probably a Christian. Christians are bad. There is no distinction between them. Look what those righteous cross-hangers have done to their own country. Timothy McVae. The Uni-Bomber. Dylann Roof. Sandy Hook Elementary School. The point is. Don’t trust any of them.

Since anyone reading this blog is not a member of an indigenous tribe in South America, wherever your front door might be located, take some time to learn the truth about those you so adamantly, and unjustifiably, think you hate.

As a whole, the world is full of people with the same ideals and compassion for peace as you. Never judge anyone’s heart by the actions of a confused and evil few. We are all of the same species, and once you take it upon yourself to jump out of your preconceived comfort zone, you’ll find we’re all pretty much the same, and we all share the same common desires.

Terrorists, governments and the sensationalized media are seldom representative of the silent voices. If you are one of those silent voices, I encourage you to leave a comment. Maybe it’s time we speak out.


Comments? I would love to hear them.

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