The Mother Of All Bombs. What Are We Missing…

Moab final

While it would be difficult for any red, white, and blue-blooded American to not applaud the mother of all bombs being hefted out of an MC-130 on the turban wrapped heads of ISIS while they scurried like rats through their mole-like supply tunnels, there is a disturbing fact we are overlooking.

While our President is entertaining guests at his posh mansion in Florida, our military Generals are running amuck, given full authority to employ whatever methods they deem necessary to destroy what they consider an important target, without so much as a cursory phone call to the Commander in Chief, who for all intents and purposes is their boss.

Anyone who has clutched the rungs of a corporate ladder quickly learned the invaluable lesson of always running things past the top dog before pissing on a fire hydrant. There may be additional consequences or repercussions an employee is not privileged enough to have access to. And the boss, in most cases, is the leading authority on all matters company related. And America is Trump’s company. He said so.

This is not to say that the very Generals who not so long ago were verbally assaulted by their future boss for possessing an overall lack of competence are not experts in their respective fields. They’re the best there is. Not that there’s anything wrong with blowing stuff up and counting bodies when it needs to be done, but one person must ultimately take full responsibility for the final approving nod when it involves death and destruction, and that one person is the President of these here United States. Not a field General looking for a fight.

Thus far Trump has declared his methods a huge success. If one can declare pissing off Putin and setting a match to the nuclear fuses of a mad-man in N. Korea an overwhelming victory, then good job. South Korea? Japan? Wouldn’t want to be ya’. Consequences.

While Putin is peeing in his Pampers, knowing he is far outnumbered by the U.S. and our allies, especially if China shows up at the party, Kimmy boy doesn’t give a rat’s ass. He’s the bully in the sandbox who won’t quit until he gets his butt royally kicked. Which he will. Swiftly and with no remorse. But still, couldn’t we have avoided this escalation? Perhaps. With the right leadership.

Some may argue N. Korea has to be eliminated sooner or later anyway, and I personally look forward to that day with wide-eyed anticipation. But this can only be accomplished with a carefully constructed plan of action, and only with our Presidents final approval. Preferably given from the war room in the Whitehouse. Not a golf course in Miami.

The command “fire” should never be entrusted to a General acting on their own accord. We didn’t elect these warriors to make such crucial decisions of national security. We elected Donald J. Trump.


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