Dear Millennials. Yes. She Did…


Almost every single red, white, and blue-blooded American citizen over the age of 60, clearly remembers the horrors of the Viet Nam War. Though some voluntarily raised their right hands, our fighting forces primarily consisted of unlucky people born on the wrong day. They received offers they couldn’t refuse. Nonetheless, they all did their parts to slow the spread of communism, whether they wanted to or not.

News of the war was delivered via newspapers, complete with gruesome black and white photos splattered across their front pages. Everyone in America, in one way or another, had been somehow touched by the war.


The official American death toll stands at 58,220. The average age of our fighting forces was 18. They died in the jungles of South Viet Nam, Laos, and Cambodia defending the principles of freedom against the invasion of the communist north.

There were those in America who adamantly opposed the war and refused to serve. Canada became a hat rack for quite a few of them. Others will forever bear the nickname “Gimpy” from the toe they blew off. Hordes of mostly young people took the streets carrying cardboard signs and flowers. Sit-ins were staged. College campuses erupted.


But one person took her protest way too far. She crossed the line in the rice paddy. Her actions were so horrific that other protestors were even pissed at her. To this day her likeness is centered on a bull’s eye sticker stuck inside every VFW and American Legion Hall urinal in America. She is widely recognized as “Hanoi Jane”, or otherwise, Jane Fonda.

In July of 1972, Jane Fonda, in an act of treacherous treason and endangering the lives of American troops, flew to Hanoi, North Viet Nam for the sole purpose of apologizing for America’s barbaric behavior. During her two-week long tour, she visited schools, hospitals, villages, factories, and radio stations, publically denouncing America’s involvement in the war. The recordings were later used as propaganda against American P.O.W.’s. Pictures immersed of her playing with smiling children, posing with Viet-Cong soldiers, and having an overall swell time. Meanwhile, America’s kids were coming home in body bags.


Recently, Ms. Fonda has again come into focus when she shocked viewers of the Late Night Show by telling host Stephen Colbert that ‘Trumpers’ should use adult diapers to stop all of the leaks. Uh. Excuse me? Whether one is a supporter of Mr. Trump or not, Jane Fonda lost her right at voicing her opinion way back in 1972. She committed a capital offense and should have been tried for treason. To the disappointment of almost everyone from sea to shining sea, she never was.


Recently, an uninformed millennial asked if Jane Fonda really did the things the media accused her of. The answer is yes. Yes, she did.

To all my fellow veterans at your halls, clubs, and lodges. Ready. Set. Piss.



4 thoughts on “Dear Millennials. Yes. She Did…

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