Dear Baby Boomers. Don’t Blame Millennials. You Did It…


Baby boomers (those born between 1946 and 1964), are the current establishment. They run the show. While some of them have hung a bit too tightly to the turn on, tune in, drop out, philosophy of the 1960’s, still preaching their mantra of “all you need is love”, the overwhelming majority have long since cut their hair, 180’ed into a milder replica of their overly strict parents, and accepted their rightful roles in procreating, raising, and leading, the next generation. Gen Y. Those damn millennials. What went wrong?

It’s quite simple to explain. In the 1960’s, young people broke the chains of their parent’s ingrained archaic prejudices and did something about it to stop the madness, albeit not always in the best of ways. For the benefit of their own futures, and the futures of those whom they would later produce, they marched, rallied, fought, got arrested, were injured, and some even died. For the most part, they accomplished quite a bit. Some things have unfortunately reverted back to the way they were, but that’s only because people have an odd habit of forgetting.


Never during the chaos of the radical 60’s did baby boomers lose sight of the values they had pounded into their skulls as kids. In fact, those very values are what prompted them to take their stances against what they perceived as unjust. They had been taught the difference between right and wrong and some of what they were seeing, was very wrong. Racism. Women’s rights. Equality for all. Etc. Etc. War remains, as it always has and always will be, an ongoing issue. No need to go there.

But the boomers screwed up. After patting themselves on the back for a mission, sort of, accomplished, they forgot to pass their stories and lessons on to their Gen Y offspring. Foolishly, they chose instead to shield them from the horrors of a society run amuck, tucking them away to spare their innocence. They either home schooled them or worked overtime to pay for a private school which unaware to them, many times hired teachers who did not meet the qualifications to teach in the public school system. But at least their children were safe. They banned them from certain activities, however harmless they may have been. They scrutinized their friends with a fine-tooth comb. To summarize, they smothered them. Then they couldn’t get rid of them. Some still can’t.

' . . . We're releasing you into the wild so that you fly free, my young eaglet. Don't forget to tweet.'

With the passage of time, a few things have become apparent. The strict discipline so regularly enforced by the creators of the boomer generation, spankings and all, with or without a belt depending on the infraction, worked a hell of a lot better than talking things out like the boomers chose as a more peaceful option. “If they understand why they should not have done something, they surely won’t do it again”. How did that work out for ya’?

Before any of you millennials reading this get your knickers in a wad, this may or not apply to you, but here are some facts. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, as stated in an article by CSN News, more than one or two of your old buddies are still eating mamma’s fried chicken. A staggering 30.3% of your generation are still letting their folks foot the bills for their lack of motivation. Time estimates the figure to be higher, at 43%. Regardless, this is the highest percentage since 1940.

Despite the largest majority of millennials having willfully or otherwise assumed their positions within America’s workforce, as a result, other issues have arisen. In another article by Time, they want “Casual Friday” every day of the week. 81% believe they should be allowed to decide their own work hours so as not to damper their social lives with the strict standards of company policies and directives. 50% said they would prefer no job at all to one they hate. By a show of hands, who loves their j-o-b?  If it were that peachy we’d live at the office, or wherever. Nine out of ten want their workplace to be social and fun. Oh yeah, wherever they work, there should always be a “safe place” to run and hide should a situation become entirely too intolerable.

safe place

Gen Y’ers. If any of these facts hold even a hint of truth for you, first off, for God’s sake move out and let your parents retire. They’ve worked for it. You haven’t. Secondly. If you are holding out for just the right position doing something you thoroughly enjoy with a bunch of people who are fun to be around, wake up and answer the frigging door. It’s reality knocking.


Comments? I would love to hear them.

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