Al Sharpton Walks Out On His Tab. The Legacy He’s Leaving Behind.

al sharpton

According to the American Daily Patriot, Brother Al Sharpton, a reverend in his own mind, owes Uncle Samuel $1.5 million in taxes, interest, and penalties. Some reports claim this figure could be as high as $4.5 million. This is the same Al Sharpton who is a staunch supporter of tax increases for the wealthy. Huh? The very same guy who is preaching from a soapbox for Trump to release his tax returns.

al mad 3


Even if he won’t pay his fair share like the rest of us lowly commoner’s, let’s not become overly hasty in our judgment until we take a thorough look at the good things Sharpton has contributed to society… Okay. Now let’s look at the other stuff.

Sharpton’s company, the National Action Network, is in the habit of walking out on its tab. Stiffing hard working people. As reported by NewsMax, the company’s accounting department, if there even is one, thrives off the welfare of others by repeatedly neglecting to pay travel agencies, hotels, and landlords.


While his holiness the reverend fervently preaches against the evilness of racism, his platform is clearly one-sided. While in Brooklyn attending a rally he referred to all white people as “crackers”. This MLK want-to-be cannot hold a candle to the greatness of Dr. King.

It gets better. With his eloquence clearly on display in 1994 at Kean College in New Jersey, big Al compassionately imparted the following words: “White folks was in the caves while we [blacks] was building empires … We built pyramids before Donald Trump ever knew what architecture was … we taught philosophy and astrology and mathematics before Socrates and them Greek homos ever got around to it.”


When a 1983 FBI tape showing Sharpton discussing laundering drug money with ex-mobster Michael Franzese, turned FBI informant, sports newscaster Bryant Gumbel defiantly aired it. Though Sharpton tried suing HBO, who ran the program, nothing ever became of it. A spokesperson for the network said the suit was “so silly that it is unworthy of comment.”

At a Trayvon Martin fundraiser, Brooklyn businessman Jean Petrus was heard in a secretly taped video saying this about Sharpton: “He knows how to make money and get money. They’re shakedown guys to me. You know, let’s call it what it is, they’re shakedown.” He further said of the event, “It was an entrapment situation, it’s really underhanded.”


Of course, being a self-centered asshole has its rewards. The Richest estimates Sharpton’s net worth to be $5 million. It’s also interesting to note his ethnicity is listed as Native American (Cherokee), while his nationality is labeled as African American.

There are countless articles concerning the continuing legacy of this self-proclaimed reverend just a search engine away. This one did little to even scrape the surface of the scum. Yet for whatever reason, Sharpton has supporters, and as long as he is still able to coerce suckers into opening their wallets, and not pay any taxes, as he would tell you in his language, “I ain’t going nowhere yet.”


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