YouTube – Animal Abuse? – No Problem – Post It

youtube-logo copy

In no particular mood to accomplish anything constructive, and in need of a good chuckle, I was in my leather recliner, laptop in lap, leisurely searching youtube for some funny dog videos. Being the proud dad of five fur babies, three of which are rescues, the oldest being almost 17, I enjoy the humorous antics only dogs are capable of providing.

I tried a combination of search terms hoping to unearth a hidden jewel. Instead, what I found was appalling in the most severe sense of the word. After blowing the dust off my glasses, I regrettably realized my vision was not impaired.

Graciously omitting the subject and description of what I saw, I continued to scroll. I was horrified. Way too much of what I found had to do with dog abuse in some form or another. Some, quite extreme. Equally as disturbing were the hundreds of thousands of clicks. Granted, some of them were surely from curiosity seekers, but even this does not condone their watching. Not in this writer’s book. The thumbnails and brief descriptions were enough to drain the color from my face. I didn’t need to see for myself.

I fully comprehend the 1st amendment as it applies to freedom of speech. In today’s world, I suppose this transcends into posting videos. But I also understand how everyday folks like you and me, and our kids and grandkids, can innocently stumble upon things nobody with any decency or morality should have any interest in watching.

Already feeling queasy, I had no desire to search for what else is lurking in the dark shadows of the world’s most popular video site. Perhaps at some point, I’ll look into further.

For this go around, I feel it only appropriate to say; Shame on you, youtube.


Comments? I would love to hear them.

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