Scaramucci. What Happened, America?

scaramucci copy

I watched with awe and wonder as the President of the United States walked down the steps of the airplane waving to an excited crowd. The President was Dwight D. Eisenhower. I was with one of many busloads full of elementary school kids who were staring out the windows of the airport, our jaws dropping at the sight of this man who was bigger than life itself. As far as us kids were concerned, this was the leader of the free world. This was a man who deserved every ounce of respect he was given. But I regress…

I regress to a time in America’s history when our nation’s politicians were ever cognizant of the image they presented to the public, especially knowing that every kid in the country was watching their actions. They set the example. It was part of their job. It was expected of them.

What happened, America? When did it become okay for a politician such as Scaramucci to spit out the type of vulgarities that would have had our parents shoving a bar of soap so far down our mouths we couldn’t breath had we dared even thought them. Sarah Huckabee Sanders, in her attempt to make light of the situation, cited Scaramucci as a passionate guy. I guess this makes it alright. It was just his passion getting the better of him. No. It isn’t alright. It was not passion. It was a lack of control. It only proves the man didn’t get his butt spanked enough as a kid.

But it isn’t only Scaramucci who we should be concerned with. It’s the White House as a whole. He did this… She did that… He said this… She said that… The arguing. The name calling. The derogatory accusations. Our government is no longer deserving of our respect. Respect is earned. They’ve lost sight of that. When parents can no longer allow their children to watch the evening news, America has a problem. A “Yuge” one.

It’s a shame. I remember just about every kid in my third-grade class at Hollin Hills Elementary school in Alexandria Virginia saying they were going to be President when they grew up. I wonder how many kids say that today?



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